An Eye for the Eye!


Where can you vacation that offers something for everyone in the family, is cost effective, budget friendly and interesting.  If you’re like millions of families, you answer Orlando, and start eyeing deals right away.  Orlando is called America’s Playground, not because some clever public relations or marketing guru thought up the phrase, but because it’s true.  Theme parks like Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, LEGOLAND Florida and others are just a confirmation away when you book your trip using a site called the Best of Orlando.  They make it easy for you to plan a great family excursion by listing major and minor attractions all on one site.  From sunrise to sunset, the Best of Orlando can help you plan a day’s worth of activities or a week’s worth of fun, and never duplicate a single thing.  You’ll find great offers for Busch Gardens, Fun Spot America and Disney’s Animal Park along with lots of restaurants and world class attractions like the Kennedy Space Center complex you’ve been dying to see.

If you have an eye for a great deal when you see one, you can explore the area for less when you use a money saving Groupon.   You can make your reservations for dinner shows, book entertainment, hotels, concert tickets, theme park attractions, and more.  From one side of the city to the other, Best of Orlando offers things for you to do, ways to get there and tickets to purchase so you never miss a single treat.  By booking your top priorities months in advance, you’ll be certain to take in the Blue Man Group and not double book yourself for a wine and paint class because of a schedule mix up.  Best of Orlando builds a realistic schedule you can use to make sure everyone in the family has fun.  You can pick the best date to visit Seaworld knowing you’ve got plenty of time allotted for rest and relaxation, or to navigate the traffic so you can get to the next stop on your journey in time.

Use a Groupon to buy those tickets so you can take advantage of all the discounts they offer.  You can visit the Wizardly World of Harry Potter for less, take in Walt Disney World, Sea World, get 2 for 1 tickets to Universal theme park and get great BOGO deals on lots of other attractions through Groupon.  For a bird’s eye view of Orlando from a giant ferris wheel, you’ve got to book tickets to ride the Coca-Cola Eye.  Don’t miss out – get an eyeful of the deals Groupon offers and enjoy the Best of Orlando this year.

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